Taking the plunge!

Well, here I am, I’ve finally taken the step on what will no doubt be a somewhat lengthy journey to self publishing (because let’s face it, whilst I’d love to be picked up by a publishing house, self publishing is probably my safest bet!)

I’ve been writing my book now for some time and each time I add another bit to it, I get a little bit more excited about the prospect of having a book out there in the big wide world that is actually mine! I have a good friend who is ready to self publish imminently, I’ve been there for her journey and it’s this that has made me think, yeah, it is possible Ellen, get yourself out there. I’m ashamed to admit that nobody other than you guys know about my desire to become a published author, not even my Author Friend (who I’ll refer to as AF) or Absolute Bestie (AB) knows, let alone my family. Maybe one day.

So, hi everybody, nice to meet you, please stop by for a chat so that I don’t get lonely or go bonkers, I understand that it can happen quite easily when becoming a writer! I’m going to spend the rest of the night mulling over my wedding budget (yup, that’s happening too!) and hopefully I’ll manage to write some more of my book, if not I’ll no doubt be reading someone elses 🙂

Ciao for now



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