Bullies and Trolls

Today my dear AF hasn’t been her usual self. Way back when, she started her writing on FanFiction and discovered that a) she enjoyed it, and b) she was good at it. I am unbelievably proud of her and the fact that she has taken the plunge to get herself out there, especially on Facebook where she’s left herself open to people in her private life knowing what her dream is, which isn’t always easy to admit, I know this because I’m the Queen of Chickenville here!

However, over the last few days her confidence has taken a huge battering through trolls and people who are just downright  bullies! One had the cheek to say she’ll boycott her book and give it awful reviews because she took down a piece of her Fanfic that was related to the book she’s publishing (which would be copyright apparently so she didn’t really have a choice anyway!). This person wanted that story to remain free forever because she likes to escape and re-read it time and time again, but has called my AF a sell out now because she wants to make money! I don’t understand people sometimes.

This got me thinking though, how much abuse must EL James have got from Fanfic?! I mean if the hardcore Twilight fans are anything like the hardcore Fifty Shades fans I’ve come across, then more power to her for getting where she is now. I realise Fifty Shades divided a lot of people, I for one do LOVE it I will admit, but I understand why people don’t, and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion right? Right! But why be so nasty with this opinion?

It also got me thinking that I’m actually quite worried about my book now. I just have to have faith in what I’m writing and write it for me, that’s what they say isn’t it? Write something that you would want to read?

Well, I’ve had my 15 minute break which is a luxury today, so I’d best scoot!



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