Today flew by in a cloud of icing sugar and tanning solution

Not together you understand.

What I didn’t tell you yesterday, was that I am a part time baker, and I also possess an amazing spray tan gun that helps fund my passion.

So, this morning I was up at sparrows cough to make a huge batch of frosting, along with a cake, in readiness for a large wedding that I have to do 100 cupcakes and cake for. I. Am. Exhausted! And I also think I may have inhaled slightly too much icing sugar, though I can’t imagine wearing a dust mask for baking looks great, I feel that with the amount I was throwing into my beloved Kitchen Aid Mixer, I maybe should have considered it!

Then tonight I called into AB’s (Absolute Bestie, remember 😉 ) mum’s house to give her a spray tan in readiness for her holiday. That tent will be the death of me if icing sugar isn’t.

On a bookish note, I did some serious investigation into being able to publish my book for e-readers both here in the UK, and in the USA, and I feel more positive about things now. I don’t think I HAVE to go down the route of being issued an ITIN to stop the 30% tax witholding on my sales, it would appear that I can obtain an EIN number instead if I register with HMRC as a ‘sole proprietor’ as it were. This sounds much better to me than sending off my passport and waiting God only knows how long for Uncle Sam to issue me with the elusive ITIN. High five to me? If anybody has any advice on this matter though PLEASE do let me know, it would be appreciated.

Time to curl up with my Kindle and Wallbanger by Alice Clayton for the second time now, then I promise I shall review.

Goodnight my lovelies



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