Today was the day that I made and frosted 100 cupcakes, decorated a wedding cake, then proceeded to down a whole bottle of wine. Okay, that last bit is wishful thinking, I REALLY need something to drink though after today!

I hope Mr and Mrs X have a truly amazing day, I’ve known Mrs X since school and she is genuinely lovely. She may also have 2 gorgeous dogs that I want to dog-nap.

Whilst having a re-read over my first few chapters tonight, I realised that I may have to change one of the main characters names, possibly the man….does Jamie and Amy sound weird?? I’ve bonded with Amy though so Jamie may have to be the one to change.

Well, as it looks like wine is off the cards for me tonight, I’ll just have to soldier on and make do with some leftover cupcakes whilst I watch The Mentalist. It’s a hard life but someone has to do it. Wish me luck *sob sob* 😉

Enjoy your Friday night everyone!



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