Writers block

I have had the worst writers block ever since the weekend! It’s like the Bank Holiday has destroyed my creativity 😦 my muse has up and left the building, packed a bag, walked out of the door without so much as a Dear John. I sincerely hope she comes back soon, I miss her dearly.

On a positive note, before my rebellious muse deserted me, I decided on a title for my book! Yes, it’s true, FINALLY! I’m ashamed to say that it has taken me a while to come up with a title, whenever I thought of one, it just didn’t feel right. However, because what I’ve written so far is too much to just be in one book, and I have so many plans on how to continue with my characters and their journey, that I decided to turn it into a double act haha

SO, drumroll please……….

I’ve decided on ‘The Ties that Break Us’ and ‘The Ties that Make Us’. I love it, they fit perfectly with the story and they feel right.

Hopefully, when inspiration hits again I’ll be able to write some more and tell you a little bit about the book maybe?

Well, I’m running on empty tonight so I’ll love you and leave you before I overstay my welcome!



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