Don’t you just hate it when….

Inspiration hits you right between the eyes when you’re trying to get to sleep! This happened lastnight and I had to fish around under my pillow to find my phone and write up my thoughts on the notepad. It’s that moment where you’re laid there thinking, surely I’ll just remember this in the morning, but then panic hits and you can’t sleep anyway. Ugh. Though if I’m honest, I am glad I wrote it down because I couldn’t remember every intricate detail when I woke up so I guess I did myself a favour.

In completely unrelated news, I’m sat here in my living room typing away to some bizarre noises coming from the snicket next to the house, it sounds like a group of young men cheering and ooooo-ing….I won’t lie, I’m too scared to go shut the curtains now! It’s 10.16pm, go away please and come back when it’s not pitch black out. Also, some people are hanging around the park too. If there’s one thing I hate more than the dark, it’s parks in the dark. I’m far too soft for my own good, and I do realise how pathetic I sound, I do, but we all have our quirks right?

The bullies are back with AF too on Fanfiction, although to be honest, I get the distinct feeling all these are the same person. Yesterday, this person actually told my AF that she is her friend on Facebook but she refused to be anything other than a guest reviewer on FanFic for fear of being savaged by her group of sycophants (I actually had to look that up, and what a nasty thing to call her friends and fans!!) There’s just no need to call somebody a coward and say they hope they fail, karma is a biatch y’all!!



Anyway, happy Friday night everybody!! Wherever you are, have a drink for me 🙂



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