Good News!! My brain has lost the dumb!

For those of you that read my last post, that will probably make sense, to all others, I’m not an illiterate moron, honest! Check  my last post and all will be clear 😉

So, because it’s been so long since I posted – damn brain – you’ll need to brace yourselves for a quick fire catch up!

WARNING: Serious Ramblings Ahead!

On Wednesday, my brain finally started to come back to me, along with inspiration. Sounds great right? Nuh uh. My inspiration came flooding back with some absolutely random book idea, talk about throwing me for a loop. So, I pulled Word up – because I’m never one to just ignore that little voice in my head – and managed to knock out 8,000 words on a new story! Madness.

Credit where it’s due though, my brain did manage to come up with a pretty nifty cover idea for The Ties that Break Us, so I forgave it for this little outburst.

Thursday was a write off. Seriously, parcel delivery services are beyond incompetent and I sometimes wonder how these people manage to function in day to day society. So yes, Thursday was spent chasing after, and waiting in for, delivery men who never turned up. *Sigh* I won’t go on about this because I’ll just get annoyed again and it won’t make for a fun post to read!

Skipping ahead to Saturday though, Saturday was fun! In fact the whole weekend was fun. Off we went though to the Trafford Centre to buy my Grandma a juicer (Selfridges is the closest place to us that stocks them.) And, let’s face it girls, it’s rude not to check out the pretty handbags and shoes whilst you’re surrounded by such beauty isn’t it?! Also, they have an American sweets section that leaves me speechless, I am literally like a kid in a candy store! So I now have a nice little stockpile of things that will steadily rot my teeth and my stomach……but every now and again it’s allowed right? RIGHT???

Sunday. Oh Sunday. Sunday was my lovely mum’s birthday so we went to our wedding venue and had lunch. It’s the first time she’s seen it properly and she really liked it, which is good because it’s too late now anyway! I get so excited every time I think about our wedding that I turn in to a bit of an obsessive for a few days at a time, not sure that this is a very attractive quality in a future wife, especially with another 22 months to go. Ooops.

After lunch we had a trip to Leeds Trinity Centre and did a bit of shopping. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to Victoria’s Secrets opening so close to home. I know a lot of people find it over priced etc but I absolutely love it and had a bit of a spree last time we were in the States. It’s one of the only places that does me any favours! Counting down the days I am haha.

Finally, after a scatty post of nonsense and ramblings, today I’m going to see The Great Gatsby!! I’m really looking forward to this and hope it doesn’t let me down, after all, 2 1/2 hours is a long time to sit through a film if you’re just wanting it to end already! I shall let you know my verdict!

Now that life has resumed to normal in my head, I’ll try post as normal again now, and will probably fill in any bits I’ve forgotten about from the last week! So for now, over and out!



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