The Great Gatsby

Let me just start off by getting this out there…..I LOVE LEONARDO DICAPRIO!! 

I’ve never really being one of those girls that fawned over him in Titanic, I appreciated his face and that was that. Until The Great Gatsby.

How is it that men just come into their own with age, they become handsome, suave, distinguished, but women generally just look worn down. Sad but true. Anyway I digress, my point is Leo is perfect for the role of Gatsby, those eyes draw you in and I never wanted them to let me go. I am now officially a huge Leo fan!

Now, I did feel it was a bit slow to start with, about the first 20 minutes or so didn’t really get me. If I’m honest I began to lose my grasp on the plot. However, once the invite to one of Gatsbys parties arrives for Nick Carraway – the narrator/writer of the story if you will – the fun really starts!

The love story that is revealed is touching, Gatsby has found his true love and will never give up on her. He is the ultimate optimist! 

I won’t spoil anything for anybody who hasn’t seen it, but my advice would be to go. Yes it is a long film, but the cast is excellent and the vivid imagery breathtaking. Maybe I’m biased because of my love of everything 1920s, but I do think that this film is a must see if you can just hold out for the fun to begin!






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