Getting lost

I haven’t really written much of my book for the last couple of days or so, instead choosing to get lost in other people’s books.

I LOVE to read. Getting lost in a good book is like entering a whole new world where you don’t have to think about any of your own daily problems. In fiction there are no reminders of the bills that need paying, the kids that need feeding, the dead end job that you’re stuck in and want desperately to leave – not a single real life issue ever crosses my mind when I find that perfect book.

I love books that excite me beyond comprehension, books that no matter how many times you re-read, always have the same special quality about them that make you feel like you’re reading them for the first time again. I admit that this has only happened to me a handful of times. Yes, I have read countless books that were great and would highly recommend to others, but those books that you refuse to lift your head from, even if the house is burning down, are quite special. A lot of you may roll your eyes at the books that I have found to be special, a lot may nod your heads vigorously in agreement, but it all comes back to the old saying ‘different strokes for different folks’. I’m hoping that this isn’t a regional saying now or boy will I sound weird!

For those of you that are curious about my ‘special’ reads, here they are:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
The Hunger Games Trilogy
Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
The Fifty Shades Trilogy – no eye rolling! (No pun intended)
The Strangeville Series by Kenneth Tingle

I’m sure the future will bring more of these special reads my way, but for now, this is my little list 🙂

What are your must reads? Have you read any of the above books and loved/hated them? I’d love to know! For now, I leave you with this little head spinner:

character card



Weekend Fun!

Today I went shopping and I won’t lie, I had an absolute blast!

I haven’t been into a shop where I could actually afford to have a splurge since……well if I’m being brutally honest probably before Christmas! So today I went out with the other half and only went and bought myself and iPad mini!!!

Now, for those of you out there thinking, hang on, she hasn’t been able to splurge since before Christmas and now she goes out and blows nearly £300 on one item, let me just say – YES 😀  This was with birthday money that I’ve been saving and with me writing more and more now, I just really wanted to invest in something that I could take everywhere with me and still write. And I’ll probably sell my iPod so it’s all good.

The first thing I am DYING to do is download The Great Gatsby soundtrack and investigate downloading magazines – I’m even saving the planet with my iPad mini, high five to me!

That’s all I have to give you today I’m afraid, now I’m off to cry over the fact this is the final Hawaii 5-0 episode of the series (I joke of course, but I am quite gutted!)

Hope you’ve all had a fun filled weekend!



The Wobbles

Have you ever written a chapter that you were so proud of it sent a shiver up your spine?

Something hit me lastnight and suddenly I found myself sat at my laptop for over an hour just putting together a chapter that even choked me up! I realise this may sound extremely conceited, but I was genuinely shocked with myself . This has never happened before and I’m so proud that I managed to write something like this.

However, as with anything good there has to be a downside. I now have serious chapter wobbles. Do the chapters that precede this sound flat now? How do I follow a chapter like this up? It’s near the end of the book so that’s not tooooooo bad but still, it’s not the last chapter therefore needs following up with something equally as good. I’ve been trying to write this morning and have managed about half of the following chapter but I can’t even bring myself to re-read what I’ve written because I am that sure that it sucks.

I hope I’m not alone in this because it is driving me insane and I would love for somebody else to say ‘hey, don’t fret, that happened to me too!’

Feel free to all shout this at me 😉

Okay, big sighs and back to it. Wish me luck!!



Back at last!

Big cheers!! I know I’ve been seriously missing in action for the last couple of weeks, which has absolutely killed me, but I’m back for good (insert Take That song here!)

Seriously though, no joke, without my internet I have felt like a shell of a person 😉

See, the thing is, I have a nasty habit of ignoring the pop up from Norton to let me know how many days of anti virus I have left…..turns out I ignored it for too long and it expired on me. Oops. You’ll all be pleased to know that I am now fully protected and back on form *happy dance*

What I did discover whilst I couldn’t use my laptop online, was that I wasn’t as distracted by social networking as I usually am. This meant that I managed to get a lot of chapters of the book done AND because I’m an app addict, I started playing around on my phone and designed my perfect front cover! Obviously this is just what I’ll show the designer, I wouldn’t trust my own improvised efforts, it would just look a bit pants, but it gives me something to keep looking at on my phone and it always brings a smile to my face.

Over the last day or two, since I’ve had my beloved Google back, I’ve been doing a LOT of research on self publishing. I’d like to say I’m now a big ball of knowledge and am raring to go but, the reality of it is, I’m more like a big ball of nerves.  I did however discover one website – The Creative Penn – which is like a one stop shop for all your self publishing needs! In all honesty this was probably the best site for advice that I have come across to date, mainly because she gives clear, concise advice, which a beginner like me needs.

One thing that I have read in a couple of places, is that it’s a good idea to have more than one book released at the same time….which is great in theory but I’ve only got one pair of hands 😦 Does this mean that it’s best to hold off releasing The Ties that Break Us until I have book 2 ready? Or do I just plod along as I would have anyway and release each one in turn as and when they’re written? This is something I have to sit and think carefully about I think. Does anybody have any advice on this  matter from personal experience?

So many questions, such little time.

I think the marketing is going to be the biggest hurdle. When is a good time to set up your Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook account? How soon is too soon? Ugh.

In other news, I’m currently reading Enemies and Playmates by Darcia Helle so can’t wait to do a review for that! I’m hooked on the storyline and can only hope that my books can have people like this one day.