Back at last!

Big cheers!! I know I’ve been seriously missing in action for the last couple of weeks, which has absolutely killed me, but I’m back for good (insert Take That song here!)

Seriously though, no joke, without my internet I have felt like a shell of a person 😉

See, the thing is, I have a nasty habit of ignoring the pop up from Norton to let me know how many days of anti virus I have left…..turns out I ignored it for too long and it expired on me. Oops. You’ll all be pleased to know that I am now fully protected and back on form *happy dance*

What I did discover whilst I couldn’t use my laptop online, was that I wasn’t as distracted by social networking as I usually am. This meant that I managed to get a lot of chapters of the book done AND because I’m an app addict, I started playing around on my phone and designed my perfect front cover! Obviously this is just what I’ll show the designer, I wouldn’t trust my own improvised efforts, it would just look a bit pants, but it gives me something to keep looking at on my phone and it always brings a smile to my face.

Over the last day or two, since I’ve had my beloved Google back, I’ve been doing a LOT of research on self publishing. I’d like to say I’m now a big ball of knowledge and am raring to go but, the reality of it is, I’m more like a big ball of nerves.  I did however discover one website – The Creative Penn – which is like a one stop shop for all your self publishing needs! In all honesty this was probably the best site for advice that I have come across to date, mainly because she gives clear, concise advice, which a beginner like me needs.

One thing that I have read in a couple of places, is that it’s a good idea to have more than one book released at the same time….which is great in theory but I’ve only got one pair of hands 😦 Does this mean that it’s best to hold off releasing The Ties that Break Us until I have book 2 ready? Or do I just plod along as I would have anyway and release each one in turn as and when they’re written? This is something I have to sit and think carefully about I think. Does anybody have any advice on this  matter from personal experience?

So many questions, such little time.

I think the marketing is going to be the biggest hurdle. When is a good time to set up your Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook account? How soon is too soon? Ugh.

In other news, I’m currently reading Enemies and Playmates by Darcia Helle so can’t wait to do a review for that! I’m hooked on the storyline and can only hope that my books can have people like this one day.



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