The Wobbles

Have you ever written a chapter that you were so proud of it sent a shiver up your spine?

Something hit me lastnight and suddenly I found myself sat at my laptop for over an hour just putting together a chapter that even choked me up! I realise this may sound extremely conceited, but I was genuinely shocked with myself . This has never happened before and I’m so proud that I managed to write something like this.

However, as with anything good there has to be a downside. I now have serious chapter wobbles. Do the chapters that precede this sound flat now? How do I follow a chapter like this up? It’s near the end of the book so that’s not tooooooo bad but still, it’s not the last chapter therefore needs following up with something equally as good. I’ve been trying to write this morning and have managed about half of the following chapter but I can’t even bring myself to re-read what I’ve written because I am that sure that it sucks.

I hope I’m not alone in this because it is driving me insane and I would love for somebody else to say ‘hey, don’t fret, that happened to me too!’

Feel free to all shout this at me 😉

Okay, big sighs and back to it. Wish me luck!!



3 thoughts on “The Wobbles

  1. Good for you! If I were to reply with any kind of advice, I’d say not to worry about sounding flat as you keep writing. You might cause your own writer’s block due to pressure. Plus, you can always change the chapters when you return to edit :]

    • Thank you! It’s really good to hear from people with advice, thanks for taking the time 🙂 Yeah, I’m hoping that I will feel a lot better when it does come to the edit, like I’m reading a new story as I’m bound to have forgotten most of what I’ve written in the first dozen or so chapters by then! X

      • Of course. You’re welcome :] I have a lot of writing and publishing tips on my website that might help you remember what you’ve written. Feel free to check it out. I often post about that, and I allow anyone to suggest a topic for posting with credit to their blog.

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