Weekend Fun!

Today I went shopping and I won’t lie, I had an absolute blast!

I haven’t been into a shop where I could actually afford to have a splurge since……well if I’m being brutally honest probably before Christmas! So today I went out with the other half and only went and bought myself and iPad mini!!!

Now, for those of you out there thinking, hang on, she hasn’t been able to splurge since before Christmas and now she goes out and blows nearly £300 on one item, let me just say – YES 😀  This was with birthday money that I’ve been saving and with me writing more and more now, I just really wanted to invest in something that I could take everywhere with me and still write. And I’ll probably sell my iPod so it’s all good.

The first thing I am DYING to do is download The Great Gatsby soundtrack and investigate downloading magazines – I’m even saving the planet with my iPad mini, high five to me!

That’s all I have to give you today I’m afraid, now I’m off to cry over the fact this is the final Hawaii 5-0 episode of the series (I joke of course, but I am quite gutted!)

Hope you’ve all had a fun filled weekend!



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