Getting lost

I haven’t really written much of my book for the last couple of days or so, instead choosing to get lost in other people’s books.

I LOVE to read. Getting lost in a good book is like entering a whole new world where you don’t have to think about any of your own daily problems. In fiction there are no reminders of the bills that need paying, the kids that need feeding, the dead end job that you’re stuck in and want desperately to leave – not a single real life issue ever crosses my mind when I find that perfect book.

I love books that excite me beyond comprehension, books that no matter how many times you re-read, always have the same special quality about them that make you feel like you’re reading them for the first time again. I admit that this has only happened to me a handful of times. Yes, I have read countless books that were great and would highly recommend to others, but those books that you refuse to lift your head from, even if the house is burning down, are quite special. A lot of you may roll your eyes at the books that I have found to be special, a lot may nod your heads vigorously in agreement, but it all comes back to the old saying ‘different strokes for different folks’. I’m hoping that this isn’t a regional saying now or boy will I sound weird!

For those of you that are curious about my ‘special’ reads, here they are:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
The Hunger Games Trilogy
Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
The Fifty Shades Trilogy – no eye rolling! (No pun intended)
The Strangeville Series by Kenneth Tingle

I’m sure the future will bring more of these special reads my way, but for now, this is my little list 🙂

What are your must reads? Have you read any of the above books and loved/hated them? I’d love to know! For now, I leave you with this little head spinner:

character card



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