Love is in the air!

It’s day two of the Chick Lit Chat Valentine’s Promo Event and today’s treat is a romantic excerpt from The Story of Us. I tried hard to find a part without spoilers and finally managed to pull out this special part. I won’t be posting tomorrow because it would lead to too big a spoiler to introduce you to Lexi’s other half, but I will be back on Thursday with a special ‘Galentine’s blog’ brought to you by Lexi and her BFF, Rosie.

For now though, enjoy:

As I round the corner into the main living area I gasp, holding my hand to my mouth.

There before me is a table set for two. Candles are lit, wine sits in an ice bucket and the San Francisco skyline begins to shimmer as the city prepares for night time. The picnic basket that I struggled over with earlier sits in the kitchen, emptied, and I can’t help but hope he hasn’t had a binge while I’ve been asleep. The thought makes me smile a little. I know he wouldn’t do that, but the image of him with a napkin tucked into his t shirt as he feasts on an array of picnic food makes me laugh.

“Something funny?” He slips his arm around my waist and pulls me back against his chest as he kisses me lightly behind my ear sending a tingle up my spine. I breathe out contentedly and look up at him.

I hope you’re all having a great week and I will see you all soon!



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