Happy Easter!

I hope you’re all eating plenty of chocolate and watching the worst kind of television imaginable over the Easter break….or you know, going for long, healthy walks. That’s totally what I meant to say…….

This week has been fairly uneventful for me, aside from the usual 9-5 office bliss. I did hand a couple of Save the Date cards out for my wedding though to my boss and the staff partner, and now I think I’m going to have all kinds of abuse waiting for me from my colleagues on Tuesday when they find out. The thing is, as much as I would genuinely LOVE to invite everyone I work with, it’s just not feasible, and after consulting Martha Stewart – her website obviously, not the woman herself, although that would be pretty cool so if you’re reading this Martha, call me – she says that it is good etiquette to invite your boss. And I get on with her really well, at least I think I do, it’s possible she’s just being polite but I’m fairly sure she thinks I’m okay.

I also sorted my wedding flowers but that’s all I was prepared to do on the wedding front because after my Wedding Hells post,  I did mean what I said. I’d just had a little too much wedding rammed down my throat.

Last night, I managed to get some reviews written and some more reading done which has been a lot of fun. I’ve even done some more on my next novel which I’m hoping will be released August/September time so watch this space! It makes you feel that bit better about yourself when you’ve had a productive weekend doesn’t it? And it means I have no guilt about sleeping in until 9am yesterday, none at all.

Today was spent at the coast, a total last minute decision and all I can say is, I will definitely sleep tonight! My hair looks a little worse for wear thanks to the sea air but it was worth it. I love that salty smell of the seaside, if someone could bottle it and sell it I’d be one of the first there. I managed to get some nice photos on the way there that I’ll probably share on my Facebook (add me as a friend if you enjoy my ramblings and love to chat!) because it is a lovely drive out to Morecambe, you’re not far from the Lake District so as you can imagine it was very green….lots of sheep too!

Hopefully next week I’ll have something a bit more exciting to tell you but for now, I think I’ve covered everything. Bit crappy really isn’t is when you think about it….maybe I need some adventure in my life! I’ll keep you posted!



Wedding Hells

So, as some of you may know, I’m getting married next year! I am all kinds of excited about this, my dress is due to arrive in the next couple of months, I’m going to buy my Choos this week and I’ve found a super funny reading for the ceremony – so ya know, all the important stuff is sorted 😉

But the closer it’s getting the more I’m finding myself stressing over the small things, and not in a bridezilla way, more an ‘I can’t breathe and think I’m having a heart attack’ kind of way. Stress is a mother fudger, that’s all I’ll say on that matter. It’s even been taking me away from writing and reading, two things that I absolutely love! I’m determined not to let it beat me though, I am woman hear me roar and all that jazz ha.

The thing I have noticed over the recent months though (okay 12 months lol) is that a lot of women do get VERY intense with their planning. I’m now in a circle of friends that are engaged to my other halves friends (you get that, I’ll give you a second to process what I just said……..okay? I shall continue)  and their fiancées are hardcore! I’m talking 24/7 wedding talk, from the ribbon that’s going around their cake to the first dance song. Of course the first dance conversation was all very cryptic from this bride to be in particular – ‘it’s available on iTunes, has a version with a male and female artist as well as one with just female, the female version is the main version, it is quite well known but not to everybody and is nearly 6 minutes long.’  My head hurts from it all.

The added bonus of my current state is that it is brilliant inspiration for a new book, providing my friends never find out that they’re the inspiration or that might make for a very tense conversation! I’ll keep you posted on that one.

So, if you wondered where I’d been or why I’ve been so quiet, that’s your answer. I’ve been in wedding hell. We have three weddings this year and the first one was last week, it was perfect and heart warming, I shed a tear when she walked down the aisle and it was all very magical….until I partied a little too hard and hobbled away from the dancefloor with a blood blister on my toe and was greeted by dirty bedding at the hotel that we had to replace at 1am. Grrrrr.

For now though, I have a small break from weddings and am going to catch up on all the reviews for books I’ve read. I’ve also got a guest post tomorrow on This Chick Reads but I’ll pop on over and share the link tomorrow.

Sweet dreams my lovelies