I’ll Be There For You by Kerry Barrett


When good witchcraft goes bad…

Harry (short for Harmony) McLeod never thought motherhood would be for her. But now that she and wife Louise have adopted twins Finlay and Fiona, she can’t imagine life without her gorgeous little family. But just as the toddlers start to discover their own witching abilities – quite handy when they want to summon toys with just a wiggle of their fingers! – Harry’s own powers seem to have vanished.

With her abilities gone and Louise working all hours, Harry’s perfect world is starting to unravel. She knows she needs to rediscover her happiness to get her powers back, but with local charmer (and witch) Richard trying to steal her spa business from under her feet, how can she fight back?

Book provided by the wonderful Carina UK via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

When first saw the cover for I’ll Be There For You, I knew I had to request it! One of the wonderful things about Carina is there ability to draw you in with their covers and I do love them for that.

This is the first book I’ve read in the Could It Be Magic series, and indeed the first (but definitely not that last) by Kerry Barrett. I’ll Be There For You is book 4 but I didn’t feel like I’d missed out by not having read the other 3 first, there are no gaps, no questions, it all just flows perfectly well and you feel as though you’ve known the characters years.

The story follows Harry (Harmony) as she tries to come to terms with the fact that since she and her wife adopted their gorgeous twins, her magic seems to have gone poof! Not that she’s admitted is to anyone yet, not in the real world anyway.

As her wife takes on a new undercover job at work, Harry finds herself struggling to cope and tries to find the answers to all of her problems online – enter, Mildred Hubble. Mildred finally convinces Harry to confide in her family and slowly but surely, with the support of her mother, cousin and wife, she starts to come to terms with being temporarily without magic. And as if having magical babies when your powers don’t work isn’t enough, there’s a fellow witchy businessman sniffing around her business, wanting to either buy her out or destroy her and THEN take over, depending in how Harry deals with his proposal.

I absolutely loved this book and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who loves getting lost in a tale of close knit family and magical fun. I’ve always been a fan of stories about witches and magic, so I felt right at home with I’ll Be There For You. Kerry has managed to create characters that seemed so real that I felt a bit lost once I got to the end. Through Harry’s ups and downs, you really root for her and want her to beat the bad guy in the end, but nothing is ever that straight forward.

A 100% fun read!


Find Kerry on Twitter: @kerrybean73

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Website: kerrybarrettwriter.wordpress.com

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