Spinster Wedding: A Novella by Nikki Mahood – My Review


What’s it all about:

The Wedding is on it’s way, thanks to the meddling mothers in ‘Spinster Christmas’ and ‘Spinster Valentine’. Can Cara and Ronan plan their special day to suit the whole wedding party, or more specifically ‘the mothers?


This is the third book (so far, I hope for more) in the Spinster series following Spinster Valentine and Spinster Christmas. I’ve read both of Nikki’s previous novellas and I absolutely love the story of Cara and Ronan. Childhood friends (after a fair few years apart and then reconnecting years later) the pair are in crazy, stupid love.

Spinster Wedding follows Cara and Ronan as they attempt to plan their own dream wedding while trying to contend with their Irish, meddling, but ultimately quite loveable, mammies. They find themselves making plans just to appease their mothers and we have an insight into Cara’s mind as she begins to have doubts about the wedding – not the marriage – but the wedding that is no longer becoming what she envisioned on her own Pinterest boards; instead of elegant and classy with rustic touches it’s becoming something to rival Katie Price’s first wedding. Think bling and lots of it. Poor Cara. I really did feel for her a couple of times knowing how hard it is to plan the wedding you want but still having to make everyone else happy.

Cara and Ronan are very clearly in love, and the support that Ronan does offer Cara is so heart-warming and still realistic that I found myself awwwwing out loud a couple of times.

Nikki really has written a wonderful novella that feels perfectly paced and doesn’t leave me with questions like some novellas can. The ultimate outcome for their wedding was so romantic that it had me wanting to plan my own wedding again and again!

If you’re looking for a quick light-hearted read with meddling mammies that will make you smile and frown at the same time, a romance that is realistic and yet still makes you want a Ronan of your own, then I definitely recommend grabbing Spinster Wedding. In fact, they’re all such bargains at 99p each that you may as well just buy them all while you’re at it 😉


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Spinster Wedding: Amazon UK / US

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