Helloooo. Hello, hello, hello!!

Just a super quick post to check in. I’ve been pretty pants recently keeping up to my blog but I’ve been thinking more and more about starting vlogs. I’ve done one or two before but I think this might be a much better way for me to keep up with you all. What do you think?

Christmas is almost upon us too, can you believe it? Where has this year gone *shakes head* The good news is that I have ten book reviews coming up soon for you once I get my sorry backside into gear and write them. This is my task for the weekend, I promise! As well as buy and decorate the tree. And buy a Christmas jumper. And finish my shopping. Gulp.


Are you all ready for Christmas?? Do let me know how you’re all doing – and by that what I obviously mean is please make me feel less crap about not having bought and wrapped all of my gifts let alone defrosted my freezer. God I’m so rock n roll it hurts!!


Well, I just thought I would check in with you all and keep it short and sweet. And, ya know, let you know I’m still alive and all that jazz. I’ll post again soon with an update about vlogs and my top reads of 2015.

Mucho love

E xoxo

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