Lila’s Choice by Laura Brown


Here’s the books official description:

Never let your friends get involved in your personal life.

Lila and Nate learn this the hard way. They are the star-crossed lovers of Glendale High. For three years the students have waited for the two to get together. They begged Nate to put his past relationship behind him, and cringed when Lila started dating Bryce. Just your typical teenage romance, except they’re the teachers.

Lila, a guidance counselor with a sweet demeanor, has an answer for every problem, every problem but her own. A visit from childhood friend Bryce thrusts her calm world into turmoil, as emotions buried deep inside are dragged to the surface. He soon realizes what only a friend can notice and a lover regret, that Lila, unbeknownst to herself, is in love with Nate. 

Nate has seen better days. He is a history teacher stuck living in the past. Depression has kept his love for Lila unspoken, his ego frail after being cheated on.

Now Lila and Nate’s coworkers must unleash a scheme and uncover Lila’s true feelings. In a school this nosey what better way to get fast results than to involve the student population? The students are all too eager to get involved. 

If everything goes as planned Lila will have to choose between two men. If her friends fail they might destroy these three and ruin their friendship. No wonder the scheme is called Project Torture.


I’m currently part of an amazing group of women on Facebook who write chicklit and the lovely Laura is one of these women.

Her novel, Lila’s Choice, is her debut novel and I enjoyed every second of it. There are some great characters in it, all of them down to earth and completely relatable.

The book really centres around Lila, a school guidance counsellor who lives with her colleague and friend Ette.

Early on in the book we learn that Lila has one of her oldest friends, Bryce, coming to town for a spell and that she has suddenly realised she has feelings for him. Feelings that are more than the ‘just friends’ feelings that she thinks she should be having. She’s certain that these feelings are wrong and that she shouldn’t act on them. Ette however, disagrees completely.

We soon learn that the pair are a group of four friends who all work together at Glendale High. Nate and Kent complete the group and I have to say, I loved the friendships they all have. Kent and Ette are brilliant at lightening the moods of Lila and Nate, who incidentally has a huge crush on Lila.

Poor Nate is currently going though a divorce after being separated for 3 years but can’t seem to take that final step, and when he learns of Lila’s new relationship with Bryce, he all but gives up on the idea of anything more than friendship with her – especially when Bryce pops the question in front of the group and Lila says yes, and then drops the bomb that she’ll be leaving with Bryce to move to Florida at the end of the school year.

About halfway through the book, Ette learns of Nate’s affections for Lila from Kent and after watching her carefully, she realises that Lila is not only having doubts about the move to Florida, but she’s having doubts about Bryce. So Kent and Ette decide team up with some of their students – who are also abundantly aware of the feelings Nate has for Lila – to try and get Lila to see what everyone else can, that they are both very much in love with each other.

There are some very comical moments in this book, but most of all I found it a sweet and genuinely heartwarming read about friendships and going after your true love. There are many twists and turns, and in parts I felt really sorry for both Lila and Nate, but as with any love story, the path to true love doesn’t always run smoothly.

I also have to say that Glendale High has a Deaf Program in the book and reading about it really made me want to learn sign language! This really made the book stand out from anything else I’ve read and I look forward to reading more.


Get the book here:

Amazon UK

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Saturdays At The Viper Rooms by Kirsty-Anne Still


Saturdays at The Viper Rooms is Book One in the Viper Series.

Here’s the official description:

“You and I know I can’t say no.” I swallow my fear and allow my eyes to fall down to his chest, I can’t look at him. “And I can’t lose you.”

Joely Gilbert, one of two head Viper Girls for the club, strives to maintain a double life both full of deceit, betrayal, sex, lust, and fear. She knows the rules of the club and the way the boss works like no other, but she is the one breaking everything she knows in order to keep the new life she has. After running from her past, she’ll do anything to stay away from it. It’s what makes her perfect for the job. It’s what makes her normal.

Everyone has a story when they arrive at the doors of The Viper Rooms. 

It’s this that binds clients and Viper Girls together. Each want to forget, each want something to remember, to feel, to lust over. The Viper Rooms gives the exclusive a time in their life to get the things they need from a club devoted solely to them. No strings attached, no questions asked. But what lies beneath the surface can’t always be stopped. It can’t be silenced forever.

And Joely’s one of the girls who knows that more than anyone else.

What happens when her facade starts to break? What would Joely rather give up; the man who wants to save her, but could die trying, or the life that could ultimately kill her?


Before I start my review, I have to mention the cover! I absolutely adore the SATVR cover, it’s mysterious, sexy and sums up the book perfectly.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to read this book by Kirsty and loved every second of it! Kirsty has the knack for being able to keep you on the edge of your seat, holding your breath and thinking, do I want to turn this page, will it break my heart or have me sagging in relief – and there are a lot of these moments.

Saturdays at The Viper Rooms is primarily about Joely Gilbert. She is one of two Head Viper Girls at The Viper Rooms where you have one job and one job only – please the boss and your clients. Mess up and pay the price. And mess up Joely does because she falls in love with a client, one of the six rules she has to live by until her contract with her boss expires. The consequences of breaking such a rule are deadly.

The relationship between Joely and Jace, her client turned boyfriend, had me swooning and gasping in equal measures. There are some twists and turns in this book that will seriously throw you for a loop and the ending….yeah, you’ll be speechless. I’m not going to go into much detail because I don’t want to give out any spoilers but when their secret does come out, the cost of their deception is deadly.

Also the boss, Clara Delvine, she’s the ultimate villain, a grown up version of Cruella DeVille and if she doesn’t have you wanting to snarl at your Kindle then I don’t know what will.



Enemies and Playmates by Darcia Helle


Official description:

When the abused decide to fight back, the abuser’s world might just shatter. Lauren Covington’s family maintains a grand facade that belies the life they live behind closed doors. Alex Covington, Lauren’s father, keeps a tight rein on his family through dominance, abuse, and obsessive control. Consequently, Lauren doesn’t believe she could ever trust a man, much less fall in love with one. When Lauren meets Jesse Ryder, her carefully constructed protective wall shatters. She falls hopelessly and completely in love. It’s only fitting that Jesse is a private detective who had once worked for her father, had defied him, and was now the subject of Alex Covington’s wrath. Amidst devastating loss, betrayal, and her father’s destructive pursuit of Jesse, Lauren finds the trust and love she had always longed for.


I got this book a while ago to read over the Christmas holiday period (for free – I love a good freebie!) but have only recently decided to read it. Sometimes, I have to be in the  mood for certain books and when I’m like that, I tend to fall back on old faithfuls.

HOWEVER, I am really glad that I started to read this.

We are introduced to Lauren Covington who lives what many consider ‘the perfect  life’. Her family are wealthy, her father is a high profile lawyer who also does work for charities involving domestic violence and she has 2 of the best friends.

In the first chapter we meet Jesse Ryder, a tall, dark and handsome private investigator who falls hook, line and sinker for Lauren. It’s just a shame she’s the daughter of Alex Covington, a man he recently refused to work for.

We quickly learn that all is not what it seems with the Covington family and that for many years Alex has beaten his wife, taken his anger out on his son and intimidated Lauren to the point where they all live in fear of what would happen should any one of them leave the family home. Would their mother survive? Would he make their lives even more miserable?

Alex Covington will do anything, and that means anything, to maintain his image as the doting father/husband and top attorney, and heaven help anybody who gets in his way.

Enter Jesse Ryder who will do anything to protect Lauren.

The book is full of twists and turns, loss and betrayal and a few gasp worthy chapters as Lauren tries to protect herself whilst she falls deeper in love with Jesse.

I loved the storyline and found it extremely addictive! My only fault would be a lot of ‘he saids’ or ‘she saids’ that got quite repetitive but to be honest, when you get lost in the story you tend to switch off from bits like that.

I would also say, do not judge this book by it’s cover! It is very deceiving and looks like it could be a romance bordering on Fifty Shades but it is anything but. Yes it is a romance, but it’s a romance full of suspense and a dark undertone.



Plotting, Planning and Preparing – My new 3 P’s

Good morning lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend and catching up on some well earned rest/letting your hair down.

I’ve managed to get quite a bit of reading done this weekend which has been brilliant; and now I’m determined to have my blog active regularly, it means that I’ll be doing this more often.

My new 3 P’s have really come into play this weekend though, because as well as reading and writing my reviews, I’ve also been preparing for my own new release on 31 July and planning what giveaways to do. It’s taken hours of research, designing, online shopping, chocolate munching and coffee drinking but I think I’ve succeeded in getting you all the best I can 😀  You see, together with the lovely Tay from Chicksthatread I’ll be having a release party where you’ll have the chance to get involved and win lots of lovely book related goodies!

But that’s only 2 P’s I hear you say! Well yes, the plotting has been for a new secret project that I’m quite excited about as it will enable me to not only write a fun story about celebrity life, but also create some gorgeous item’s to coincide with its release. It’s a win win for everyone.

If anyone else has some fun ideas as to what goodies they’d like to see for the release of Dear Darling, then please do shout. It’s always nice to hear from people, especially those that want to be involved in new releases.

So, that’s really my weekend roundup. I’m going to tootle off now back into my editing cave to make Dear Darling the best it can be. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled too for the big cover reveal on 20 May, she’s a beauty ❤


It’s been a while….

Hey lovelies!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, well, 12 months if we’re being precise but that’s mainly because I’ve been lost in a sea of novel writing and wedding planning. The good news is though, I’M MARRIED! Yes, the wedding planning and all of the stress that came with it is now over and I couldn’t be happier.  I realise that sounds very negative but planning our wedding really was one of the most stressful times of my life, beaten only by being ill and needing hospital admission. I am thrilled to be Mrs Robinson though *insert joke here, I know you want to*

I wanted to do this post to get you up to speed on what’s been happening, aside from my wedding.

Back in November 2014, I released Home for The Holidays, the second book in the Lexi series. If you were a fan of The Story of Us, pick up your copy of Home for The Holidays here.

Then, in March of this year, I released Learn To Love Again which is completely different to Lexi and Co. Aside from being a novella, it’s quite an emotional read but one that’s also full of hope and looking to the future. The blog tour went really well but most recommended that you keeps tissues handy haha so I must be doing something right? If you fancy a read of that, for just 99p/99c then grab your copy here.



I’ve also been working very hard at getting my next novel out to you, which I’m pleased to announce will definitely happen on 31 July 2015! How exciting! It’s called Dear Darling, and you can add it to your Goodreads here.

What it’s all about:

‘I’m 30 years old and sat celebrating with a greasy pizza and a bottle of cheap plonk.’

On her 30th birthday, Ellie Darling decides that it’s time to start a diary. Mainly as a reminder for when she’s old and living with cats that she once had a life that wasn’t all bad. Even if it was one where at 30 years of age, she still refused to spend that extra £3 on the good wine instead of chocolate.

But when the only proposal she gets from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is that of a threesome, she decides that enough is enough! With a new, improved job as Personal Assistant to one of the most feared Partners at her law firm – one that she doesn’t seem to be able to stop dreaming about – Ellie decides that this will be her year. And if she has to run errands for her boss’ neurotic Russian girlfriend or drag her best friend to a sponsored cycle with her now gay first love, then so be it.

I have a ton of book reviews to share with you too, once I get them all down haha but because I’ve wanted to clean up my blog a bit, give it a revamp and generally sort myself out, I’ve updated some of my ancient reviews and will be resharing. signature


Happy Easter!

I hope you’re all eating plenty of chocolate and watching the worst kind of television imaginable over the Easter break….or you know, going for long, healthy walks. That’s totally what I meant to say…….

This week has been fairly uneventful for me, aside from the usual 9-5 office bliss. I did hand a couple of Save the Date cards out for my wedding though to my boss and the staff partner, and now I think I’m going to have all kinds of abuse waiting for me from my colleagues on Tuesday when they find out. The thing is, as much as I would genuinely LOVE to invite everyone I work with, it’s just not feasible, and after consulting Martha Stewart – her website obviously, not the woman herself, although that would be pretty cool so if you’re reading this Martha, call me – she says that it is good etiquette to invite your boss. And I get on with her really well, at least I think I do, it’s possible she’s just being polite but I’m fairly sure she thinks I’m okay.

I also sorted my wedding flowers but that’s all I was prepared to do on the wedding front because after my Wedding Hells post,  I did mean what I said. I’d just had a little too much wedding rammed down my throat.

Last night, I managed to get some reviews written and some more reading done which has been a lot of fun. I’ve even done some more on my next novel which I’m hoping will be released August/September time so watch this space! It makes you feel that bit better about yourself when you’ve had a productive weekend doesn’t it? And it means I have no guilt about sleeping in until 9am yesterday, none at all.

Today was spent at the coast, a total last minute decision and all I can say is, I will definitely sleep tonight! My hair looks a little worse for wear thanks to the sea air but it was worth it. I love that salty smell of the seaside, if someone could bottle it and sell it I’d be one of the first there. I managed to get some nice photos on the way there that I’ll probably share on my Facebook (add me as a friend if you enjoy my ramblings and love to chat!) because it is a lovely drive out to Morecambe, you’re not far from the Lake District so as you can imagine it was very green….lots of sheep too!

Hopefully next week I’ll have something a bit more exciting to tell you but for now, I think I’ve covered everything. Bit crappy really isn’t is when you think about it….maybe I need some adventure in my life! I’ll keep you posted!



The Wobbles

Have you ever written a chapter that you were so proud of it sent a shiver up your spine?

Something hit me lastnight and suddenly I found myself sat at my laptop for over an hour just putting together a chapter that even choked me up! I realise this may sound extremely conceited, but I was genuinely shocked with myself . This has never happened before and I’m so proud that I managed to write something like this.

However, as with anything good there has to be a downside. I now have serious chapter wobbles. Do the chapters that precede this sound flat now? How do I follow a chapter like this up? It’s near the end of the book so that’s not tooooooo bad but still, it’s not the last chapter therefore needs following up with something equally as good. I’ve been trying to write this morning and have managed about half of the following chapter but I can’t even bring myself to re-read what I’ve written because I am that sure that it sucks.

I hope I’m not alone in this because it is driving me insane and I would love for somebody else to say ‘hey, don’t fret, that happened to me too!’

Feel free to all shout this at me 😉

Okay, big sighs and back to it. Wish me luck!!